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Program overview

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML) program is designed to put you on the path to an exciting, evolving career that is predicted to grow sharply into 2025 and beyond. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning will impact all segments of daily life by 2025, with applications in a wide range of industries such as healthcare, transportation, insurance, transport and logistics and even customer service. The need for AI specialists exists in just about every field as companies seek to give computers the ability to think, learn and adapt.

In this program, you will learn the use of mathematics, programming approaches (deep learning, unsupervised learning, data pre-processing, etc.) programming tools (programming, like "frameworks" and libraries, and languages, like Python and R) in the particular context of artificial intelligence.

Program outline

The AIML program provides training in the skills required for a career in AI. You will master TensorFlow, Machine Learning, and other AI concepts, plus the programming languages needed to design intelligent agents, deep learning algorithms & advanced artificial neural networks that use predictive analytics to solve real-time decision-making problems.

You will design and build your own intelligent agents and apply them to create practical AI projects including games, machine learning models, logic constraint satisfaction problems, knowledge-based systems, probabilistic models, agent decision-making functions and more.

You will also understand and master the concepts and principles of machine learning, including its mathematical and heuristic aspects.

Top Careers Choices:

  • Artificial Intelligence Analyst
  • Artificial Intelligence Programmer
  • Machine Learning Technologist
  • Machine Learning Analyst
  • Application Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Stewards
  • Data Technologist

Delivery Method: Instructor Led classroom

На каком факультете я буду учиться?

Ascent College

Варианты обучения

Очная (2 лет)

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Начало обучения

Январь 2022


Ascent College

1100, boul. Crémazie Est,

bureau 215,

Quebec (QC),

H2P 2X2, Canada

Вступительные требования

Для иностранных студентов

  • Bachelor’s Degree or recognized equivalent with a minimum of 15 years of formal education.
  • IELTS with overall score 6 band nothing less than 6.0 in any module or overall 6.5 nothing less than 5.5 in any one module. We are also considering TOEFL, PTE and DUOLINGO scores for January 2021 intake.

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