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The Asian Studies Program is unique in Canada. Beginning in 1983, it was the first two-year program in a Canadian community college to focus on the Asia-Pacific region. Having evolved substantially, the program is currently designed for university-transfer students who seek a better understanding of the cultures of the Asia-Pacific region.

The courses and seminars that give students in-depth insight into the cultures of China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. South Asia and BC Asian societies are also surveyed in some courses. Students who take Asian Studies courses are very well prepared for transfer to Asian Studies and other social science departments in university.

The program is popular with people who have worked or traveled in Asia, and who desire a deeper appreciation of the cultural patterns they have experienced. Many first generation Asian-Canadians and international students find the program insightful regarding their own backgrounds, and how western social science perceives their native culture.

The greatest economic growth in the world is occurring in the Asia-Pacific. These nations are powering the new globalized economy, a situation that will not change in the foreseeable future. Knowledge of their international situations, their lifestyles and their cultural values is the key to creating and maintaining solid relationships with our Pacific neighbours.

Career Opportunities

Many graduates of the Asian Studies Program who go on to complete their degree in Asian Studies at university find employment in Asian countries, in government, or in local firms dealing with Asia.

Some students have returned from extensive travel or employment in Asia and need deeper background to understand the beliefs and practices they have experienced. After these students return to Asia with the Asian Studies Diploma, Associate of Arts Degree or a Bachelor’s degree from a local university, they take up their former roles with enhanced abilities, opportunities, and recognition.

The ideal goal of Asian Studies program graduates is employment in the federal government’s Department of Foreign Affairs, Industry and Trade. Other governmental positions also require a degree and/or experience in Asia, as do several positions in the BC government.

Some graduates report that after they gained employment at a local BC company, they were selected to deal with visiting Asian businesspeople, and this kind of opportunity led to promotions.


Asian Studies students will gain a considerable depth of knowledge of the histories, cultures, social evolution, economic practices and international relations of the major Asia-Pacific societies.

They will be well prepared for further study in university programs dealing with the Asia Pacific. Their range of experiences gained in the program will support their interaction with Asia-Pacific people in both the workplace and in social settings.


Asian Studies graduates will go to Asia (or return there) with a deeper appreciation of local cultures and a broader familiarity with the range of these cultures, leading to stronger bonds of respect, friendship and collegiality, and reducing the negative effects of cross-cultural misunderstanding.

They will develop a deep (or deeper) empathy for one or more Asian cultures. They will be more open to Asian employment practice -- such as depending on loyalty more than a contract -- and become more comfortable with these practices, and more successful as employees, managers and employers.

На каком факультете я буду учиться?

Langara College

Варианты обучения

Очная (2 лет)

CAD$18,762.00 (1,090,180 руб) за 1 год
CAN $625.40 per credit
Начало обучения

Предполагаемое начало: Январь, Сентябрь 2022


Langara College

100 West 49th Avenue,


British Columbia (BC),

V5Y 2Z6, Canada

Вступительные требования

Для студентов, проживающих в Соединенных Штатах

Successful completion of a BC secondary program (Grade 12) or the equivalent; Be at least 19 years of age by the first day of the first semester of attendance; or Successful completion of an ABE (Adult Basic Education) or GED (General Educational Development) program. IELTS Academic: 6.5; TOEFL (IBT): Overall: 80; Writing: 20; Reading: 20; Listening: 18; Speaking: 18; CAEL: Overall: 60; Duolingo: 110.

Для иностранных студентов

The academic requirements for admission to Langara can be met with either ONE or ALL of the following criteria:

  • Successful completion of a BC secondary program (Grade 12) or the equivalent OR
  • Be at least 19 years of age by the first day of the first semester of attendance OR
  • Successful completion of an A.B.E. (Adult Basic Education) or G.E.D. (General Educational Development) program.

English Language Proficiency:

English is the language of instruction at Langara College. Students are required to demonstrate proficiency in the English language prior to admission to post-secondary programs by providing one of the following:

  • Langara English Test (LET): 2
  • International Baccalaureate: IB ENGL A (HL or SL): 2; IB ENGL LIT & PERFORM (SL): 2
  • Advanced Placement: AP ENGL LIT & COMP: 2; AP ENGL LANG & COMP: 2
  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Level IV: EAP Level IV (LEAP 8)
  • IELTS Academic: 6.5
  • TOEFL (IBT): Overall: 80; Writing: 20; Reading: 20; Listening: 18; Speaking: 18
  • CAEL: Overall: 60
  • Duolingo: 110

Note: For additional information, please contact our International Student Coordinators.

Требования к IELTS могут отличаться в зависимости от выбранного курса


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