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This program explores the history, prehistory, culture, language and contemporary situation of Canadian Aboriginal peoples, and teaches basic research skills about First Nations/Aboriginal issues with emphasis on BC Aboriginal people. Normal completion requires five full time terms. The certificate, which can be completed as a full-time or part time program or as part of a bachelor degree, is especially suited to students who wish to gain proficiency in First Nations/Aboriginal issues, social research skills, and basic cultural resource management skills.

Program Requirements
Lower and Upper Division Requirements

Requirements include

successful completion of at least 30 units, of which a minimum 18 are earned by completing six required courses. In addition, students complete one practicum option (Option 1, 2, or 3). The remaining six units are selected from the specified list of optional courses.
minimum grade point average of 2.0 calculated on all courses applied to the certificate. Duplicate courses are counted only once.
completion of the certificate normally within five years of program admission.

Students complete all of

FNST 101 - Introduction to First Nations Studies (3)
FNST 201W - Canadian Aboriginal Peoples' Perspectives on History (3)
FNST 212 - Indigenous Perceptions of Landscape (3)
FNST 301 - Issues in Applied First Nations Studies Research (3)

and a total of 18 units from each of the following four categories:

a) one course from

FNST 332 - Ethnobotany of British Columbia First Nations (3)
FNST 353W - First Nations Heritage Stewardship (3)
FNST 433 - Indigenous Environmental Justice and Activism (4)

b) one course from

ARCH 201 - Reconstructing the Human Past (4)
GEOG 100 - Our World: Introducing Human Geography (3)
SA 101 - Introduction to Anthropology (A) (4)

c) and one practicum option

Option 1

One term placement in the SFU Co-operative Education Program in First Nations Studies with a place in an Aboriginal organization. The employment situation must be acceptable to the First Nations Studies research program. First Nations Studies Co-op courses include: FNST 141, 241, 341, and 441.

Option 2

At least five units of an archaeology field school involving survey and excavation of an lndigenous heritage site, or an Indigenous focused field school in another discipline, subject to approval by the First Nations Studies Department.

Option 3

FNST 442 Directed Readings in First Nations Studies (3) is required, which permits a faculty member to supervise an independent field research project acceptable to the First Nations Studies research certificate.

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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Варианты обучения

Очная (Five full time terms)

CAN $1,029.70 per unit
Начало обучения

Предполагаемое начало: Январь, Сентябрь 2022


Simon Fraser University

Burnaby campus,

8888 University Drive,


British Columbia (BC),

V5A 1S6, Canada

Вступительные требования

Для иностранных студентов

Applicant must have completed Year 12 High School or its equivalent to Canadian High School.

Obtain a satisfactory score on one of the following English language proficiency tests.

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with a minimum score of 6.5 on the Academic Modules with no part less than 6.
  • TOEFL iBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language internet based test) with an overall score of 88 or better with a minimum score of 20 in each of the four components (listening, speaking, writing, reading)
  • TOEFL CBT (Test of English as a Foreign language computer based test) with a minimum score of 230 including a minimum essay score of 4.5
  • TOEFL CBT with a minimum score of 250.
  • Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) with an overall score of 70, with no part less than 60
  • Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) with an overall score of 65, with no part less than 60

Требования к IELTS могут отличаться в зависимости от выбранного курса


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