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Что я буду изучать?

The program curriculum is designed for students who wish to concentrate on the health sciences field and prepares students for application to Conestoga College's School of Health & Life Sciences advanced diploma or degree programs (Respiratory Therapy, Paramedic, McMaster University Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Applied Health Information Science, Bachelor of Environmental Public Health, etc.). Students wishing to apply to Biotechnology Technician, Fitness and Health Promotion, Hearing Instrument Specialist, Practical Nursing, Nutrition and Food Service Management and Occupational Therapist Assistant/Physiotherapist Assistant programs are still able to do so by taking either the one-year Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Certificates and Diplomas or upon completion of this one-year Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees.

Students will be introduced to the health sciences field, college life and workload, and will be able to increase their competitiveness to support their application to health sciences advanced diploma and degree programs.

Program Outcomes

Analyze biological concepts such as homeostasis and apply them to the study of human anatomy and physiology.

Analyze key concepts and principles of general and organic chemistry, and explain the impact of chemical reactions and biochemistry on the human body.

Analyze appropriate mathematical concepts to solve typical health-field-related calculations; and apply concepts of probability, descriptive and inferential statistics to interpret health and science-related data.

Communicate clearly, concisely, and correctly in written, spoken, and visual form using language and terminology appropriate and relevant to health and other science-related fields.

PHYSICS (OPTIONAL): Analyze the fundamental laws of physics and discuss how they apply to human health and wellness.

Investigate future careers in health sciences and other high affinity fields and identify appropriate postsecondary programs to prepare for chosen career.

Discuss strategies for ongoing personal and professional development.

Graduate Opportunities

A five-mark (5) bonus will be granted to any applicant who has successfully completed Conestoga's Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees program and who is applying to any of the following Conestoga diploma programs: Biotechnology Technician, Fitness and Health Promotion, Hearing Instrument Specialist, Practical Nursing, Nutrition and Food Service Management, Paramedic, Personal Support Worker, Occupational Therapist Assistant/Physiotherapist Assistant, and Respiratory Therapy.

На каком факультете я буду учиться?

School of Health and Life Sciences

Варианты обучения

Очная (1 год)

CAD$12,500.00 (763,259 руб) за 1 год

*Это примерная цена, проверьте ее в вузе

Начало обучения

Сентябрь 2021


Conestoga College

Doon (Kitchener) Campus,

299 Doon Valley Drive,


Ontario (ON),

N2G 4M4, Canada

Вступительные требования

Для иностранных студентов

Students must have

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), or equivalent, or 19 years of age or older with mature student status.

Students must have 6.0 IELTS (with no band less than 5.5); and TOEFL iBT score of 80.

Требования к IELTS могут отличаться в зависимости от выбранного курса


O Conestoga College

Conestoga College – это один из наиболее быстрорастущих государственных колледжей Канады и прекрасное место для профессионалов и студентов.

  • колледж находится в центре бизнеса и инноваций рядом с Торонто
  • выпускники имеют отличные результаты и уровень трудоустройства
  • уровень удовлетворения выпускников и работодателей – более 90%
  • колледж предлагает более 200 программ и 63 программы «Co-op»