Что я буду изучать?

The program focuses on a range of topics including ethics in health systems, advanced biostatistics methods, integration and innovation of public health, health policy formulation, implementation and evaluation, gender and health, and global health.


  • Major In Public Health Nutrition
  • Major In Public Health Administration
  • Major In Parasitology and Entomology
  • Major In Epidemiology
  • Major In Health Education and Health Promotion
  • Major In Global Health
  • Major In Family and Reproductive Health

Additional advantages of the programme

Conceptual thinking by developing public health nursing concepts and theories into community applications and research

Course Requirements

Plan 2

Core Courses

Phid683 : Field Practicum In Public Health Leaderships

Phid716 : Public Health Research And Innovation

Phid717 : Advanced Administration For Public Health Professional Practice

Required Courses

Major In Public Health Administration

Phad706 : Health Policy And Human Resources Administration

Phad707 : Advanced Research In Public Health Administration

Major In Public Health Nutrition

Phnu701 : Advanced Topics In Nutrition

Phnu702 : Advanced Nutrition Program Planning And Evaluation

Major In Epidemiology

Phep614 : Statistical Methods In Epidemiology Ii

Phep618 : Design And Analysis Of Epidemiological Studies I

Major In Health Education And Health Promotion

Phhe707 : Advanced Behavioral And Social Science Research

Phhe708 : Application Of Behavioral And Social Science Theories, And Principles In Health Promotion

Major In Global Health

Phid718 : Essentials Of Global Health

Phid778 : Seminar In Global Health Research And Innovation

Major In Parasitology And Entomology

Phpr708 : Management In Molecular Public Health Parasitology And Entomology

Phpr709 : Advanced Parasitology And Entomology

Major In Family And Reproductive Health

Phfh637 : Interdisciplinary Approaches For Child And Adolescent Health

Phfh704 : Advanced Family And Reproductive Health

Elective Courses

Phad605 : Applied Health Economics

Phep604 : Statistical Methods In Epidemiology I

Phep610 : Social Epidemiology

Phep612 : Topics In Epidemiological Research

Phep690 : Teaching Experience In Epidemiology

Phfh639 : Family And Social Psychology

Phfh705 : Current Issues In Family And Reproductive Health: Regional Perspectives

Phfh706 : Evaluation Of Family And Reproductive Health Projects

Phhe709 : Special Study In Behavioral And Social Science Research

Phid678 : Special Study In Global Health

Phid715 : Bio Statistical And Epidemiological Methods In Public Health

Phid719 : Social Determinants Of Health

Phid720 : Aging And Global Health

Phnu655 : Special Study

Phnu703 : Critical Review Of Research In Public Health Nutrition

Phpn734 : Advanced Qualitative Research

Phpr628 : Advanced Techniques In Parasitology And Entomology

Phpr710 : Design And Analysis For Parasitic And Entomological Research


Phad699 : Dissertation

На каком факультете я буду учиться?

Faculty of Public Health

Варианты обучения


9,000 baht/Credit
Начало обучения

Предполагаемое начало: Август 2021


Phayathai Campus

69 Vipavadee Rangsit Road,



10400, Thailand

Вступительные требования

Для студентов, проживающих в Соединенных Штатах

Applicants must hold a Master’s or bachelor degree in related field and have a minimum grade point average of 3.5. English Language Requirements: TOEFL ITP score of at least 500, TOEFL Internet-based score of 61 or IELTS score of 5.

Для иностранных студентов

Candidate must:

  • Hold a Master’s degree or equivalent degree including the Master of Public Health or the Master of Science (Public Health) with a major in nutrition, a major in family health, a major in public health nursing, a major in infectious disease and epidemiology, a major in health promotion, a major in health science or other public health related majors from the higher education institutes recognized by the Office of the Higher Education Commission
  • 2. Have a minimum grade point average of 3.50
  • 3. Have at least one year of working experience in public health or other related filed after finishing the Master degree program
  • 4. Have a TOEFL ITP score of at least 500, TOEFL Internet-based score of 61 or IELTS score of 5 .