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Animal Welfare and Management FdSc


Что я буду изучать?

The course is designed for students who are looking to enhance academic and practical skills, where the curriculum builds on existing knowledge and facilitates the application of learning to the practical land-based sector. The programme aims to promote and engage learning in students of all age groups and backgrounds; and is of particular interest students wanting to continue their education in animal management, or existing animal professionals wanting to gain the academic qualifications often required for management within a land-based setting.Students will gain practical experience as well as developing their academic capabilities, thus opening more doors and opportunities within their career pathway. The emphasis is on hands-on professionalism in the management of animals. For example, students take part in every aspect of the lambing season in spring, including having the opportunity to join our team’s 24/7 rota of animal care and supervision.Animal welfare is central to every module.Modules being presented are as follows but maybe subject to changes.Year 1Research SkillsAnthrozoologyCollections managementMammalian Anatomy and PhysiologyAnimal Health, husbandry and nutritionHerpetologyYear 2Animal BehaviourAnimal WelfareIndustry ProjectEcologyLaboratory SkillsTeaching and learning will take place at Nescot College, where the Land-based department spans two-thirds of the campus. The facilities are an oasis of calm nestled within the vibrant suburban surroundings of Ewell, which has excellent transport links. Ewell East train station is a short walk from the campus and travel time to London Victoria is around 40 minutes.The animal care unit is home to a wide range of species, including livestock animals such as sheep and poultry; domestic pet species such as rabbits and rodents; and captive exotic species including reptiles and amphibians. The collection contains over 400 individuals ranging from mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates. This will allow students to develop the practical skills necessary to successfully enter the animal and land-based industry across the range of taxa commonly kept in captive animal collections or as companion animals.Priest Hill, Surrey Wildlife Trust’s 35-hectare restored chalk grassland, is easily accessed by a bridle path directly from Nescot College. Priest Hill is an important reserve in terms of the Living Landscape and provides excellent hands-on outdoor learning experiences for students. In addition, the College is home to a rehoming cattery run in partnership with the Blue Cross animal charity. In addition, the College has functional links with Chessington Zoo and Aquarium, which is only four miles away.NEW SPECIFICATION TO FOLLOW SHORTLYStudents on NESCOT higher education course are typically taught in class sizes of 16 or fewer.

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Animal Management

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Очная (2 лет)

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Начало обучения

Сентябрь 2023


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Reigate Road,



KT17 3DS, England

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