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If your dreams are filled with vivid visions of gleaming broadswords, flaming demons, fantasy worlds, legendary heroes and beasts - then you have an animation home at Swansea College of Art. We will fuel your creative passion, keep it alive and thriving, to make you industry-ready.

Inside our award-winning studios lies the beating heart of an industrial animation production facility, with cutting edge tech, and radical ideas for the screen. Imagine, as a student, working on fantasy creatures and shots for a television series, whilst still at University! Networking and visiting studios and companies and clients as part of your studies.

We boast Motion Capture facilities and a Virtual Production Studio where animators can use real-time technology in a fully immersive narrative. You’re able to walk around and interact with your own creations and environments, learning key animation and VFX skills. This experience is invaluable and our graduates go on to feature on some of the latest Academy Award-winning movies!

Whether through amazing concept design work, heart-wrenching animated tales or beautifully crafted digital sculptures and animations, you will make an impact on your fans (because you will have them) and we help you get your vision to them. We help you to get your voice heard.

5 reasons to study this course

  1. We have the only simulated production environment in the UK that connects Animation to Film and Music Tech and Performing Arts — all under a singular studio pipeline, replicating animation productions made in Hollywood! .
  2. We task you to you create for your industry - and for your audience, with live briefs for film, television and beyond. Animation students recently worked on VR experiences on DragonFiAR, Ben10 and Abbaand animated content for the stage (The Little Mermaid).
  3. A connected, collaborative creative environment. Industry-facing projects, all stemming from some twenty year relationships with a community of artists, animators and digital artists.
  4. Industry experienced lecturers, as story artists and animators on film and games titles, with BFI, BAFTA, ComicCons credentials. Our animation conference SAND (Swansea Animation Days) features colleagues from DNeg, MPC, Blizzard, EA, Framestore and more.
  5. Your Vision. Your Voice. Our commitment to both.

Course Overview

  • Classic animation techniques
  • Technology harnessed designs
  • Skills surpassing breakthroughs

We are all about breathing life into your art. You get the opportunity to kindle your imagination or treasured storylines, to see your dreams alive on screen.

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Очная (2 лет)

£13,500.00 (1,591,606 руб) за 1 год
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Начало обучения

23 Сентябрь 2024


SA1 Waterfront Campus, Swansea


Kings Road,


SA1 8AL, Wales

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