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Combine your study of theatre and film, and get the opportunity to engage with television. This course draws from the same varied and creative options offered on BA Film and BA Theatre, enabling you to specialise in line with your developing expertise and interests.You will have the opportunity to combine the study of ground-breaking theory with practical application, using our purpose-built £11m facilities that feature three theatre spaces, a multi-camera film and TV studio, a digital cinema, and dedicated recording studio and mixing suite. You will experience all three mediums through practice and be given a variety of opportunities to collaborate in the production of films, television programmes or theatre performances. There isl also the option of following a critical-only route.You will have the opportunity to watch, interpret and debate a wide range of film and television, including documentary, Soviet cinema and the work of Alfred Hitchcock, and be introduced to work across Chinese, Greek, Shakespearean and Noh theatre.We provide you with a thorough understanding of theatre conventions in order that your own experiments can have an even stronger impact. Throughout your first-year practical work, you will explore how theatre, film and television have been affected by different social and historical contexts, developing your responses to this in group-based projects.Examine work within and beyond classical and conventional narrative traditions and understand the application of theory and how it impacts the creative process. Optional modules allow you to investigate a variety of areas, from nationhood and identity in performance to genre and authorship in Hollywood – as well as avant-garde, political and radical work from across the worlds of theatre and film.Engage with group-based practical work in either theatre or film/television, which develops your ability to creatively respond to different movements, practitioners and historical periods, and allows you to develop your own storytelling and practical skills.Diversify your focus or further develop your knowledge in your chosen specialism in your final year. Modules are based around our academics’ current research and are all discussion-based, allowing you to rigorously engage with cutting-edge thought. This degree is designed with the interaction between theory and practical work at its core, giving you plenty of opportunities to develop both your critical and technical skills. Your practical work allows you to try out different production roles and develop a range of skills and techniques while also developing a strong academic knowledge of their histories and meanings.Our close proximity to London – undoubtedly the UK’s premier hub for all things film and theatre - means you will have numerous opportunities to visit theatres and see performances as part of your degree. Please be aware theatre tickets and travel are additional costs for any theatre module and you should plan accordingly.**Careers**Our flexible degrees are designed to develop the confidence and skills valued by both creative and commercial industries, providing you with a diverse range of career opportunities following graduation. Careers learning, an emphasis on professional skills, and work-based modules are built into the course to prepare you for your future career. 96% of our graduates were in work or further study within six months of graduating (DLHE survey, 2016–17).Many of our alumni work in the creative industries and their roles include theatre directors, actors, playwrights, visual FX experts and critics. Graduates also go on to work in commercial marketing and media, advertising, journalism and teaching.

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Film, Theatre and Television

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£16,475.00 (1,329,743 руб) за 1 год
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Начало обучения

Октябрь 2020


Main Site

Room 208,

Pepper Lane,



RG6 6AH, England

Вступительные требования

Для студентов, проживающих в Соединенных Штатах

Students need to have High School Diploma with GPA of 3.0 and a minimum score of 1850 combined in the SAT Reasoning Test and one of the following: A minimum score of 4 in two Group A Advanced Placement tests or A minimum score of 600 in two different SAT Subject Tests or A mixture of SAT Subject Tests and AP Tests with scores at these levels. OR Students need High School Diploma with GPA of 3.0 and a score of at least 28 on the ACT Test and one of the following: A score of 4 or higher in two Group A Advanced Placement tests or A minimum score of 600 o in two different SAT Subject Tests or A mixture of SAT Subject Tests and AP Tests with scores at these levels will also be considered. Grades may vary depending upon the course chosen.

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