Games Design BA (Hons)


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Whether it's Nintendo's Super Mario Bros, Ion Storm's Deus Ex, or Rockstar's GTA V, all successful games throughout each generation are built on good game and level design, story-telling, 2D and 3D modelling and texturing.This is the ideal games design course, tailored to prepare you for a career in the multi-billion pound games industry. Spark your imagination and let that creativity run riot at our dedicated arts campus.**Course Overview**Turn your ideas into exciting new games. Seventy-five percent of your course is practical – designing, developing and creating new game experiences to create a portfolio for future employers.This games design degree is all about the art and design work related to video games, creating storyboard concepts and turning them into playable prototypes. You’ll gain the skills to compete in this growing industry.Industry-standard 3D and games engine software will help you develop essential skills including drawing, modelling, texturing and using the games engine. Our dedicated arts campus will allow you to mix with other creatives, allowing you to work on joint projects and develop your own network of creative practitioners.**On this course you will...**- Have regular guest lectures with industry professionals.- Study game design and development with access to dedicated games design labs and industry-standard software, providing a friendly, collegiate and supportive environment.- Learn computer games-specific topics like drawing and concept art, character design, environment design, 3D modelling, texturing, level design, and game theory.- Have the opportunity to take trips outside of the lab to gain inspiration and improve creative thinking. In previous years, they have included games expo - EGX and Develop: Brighton.- Develop a wide range of transferable digital skills allowing you to take up a number of internships during your studies.- Have access to borrow our motion capture software and VR headsets.**What you will learn**On this programme, you will learn to design, develop, and create new and unique gaming experiences. However, this is not a programming course; it is all about the art and design work related to video games. You will learn all about art and design, developing storyboards and concepts which you will later turn into playable prototypes (both 2D and 3D).**Year One**- Cultural Contexts- Collaborative Practice- Drawing, Visualisation and Concept Art- 3D Modelling- Gaming For Game Designers**Year Two**- Understanding the Creative Economy- Working in the Creative Economy- Concept To Prototype- Concept Art & Visualisation 2- Texturing**Year Three**- Theory and Research Methods in the Arts- Dissertation- Group Game Project- Markets, Audiences & Exhibition- Major Project

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Institute of the Arts

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£13,250.00 (1,562,132 руб) за 1 год
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16 Сентябрь 2024


Carlisle - Brampton Road

Brampton Road,



CA3 9AY, England

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O University of Cumbria

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