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Do you:* have a curiosity about how our planet works?* want to help solve some of the biggest global challenges facing our planet?Then geophysics may be for you.Join us as we explore the amazing planet Earth, from its hot core to its crust, oceans, atmosphere, and everything in between.**What is geophysics?**Geophysics is about understanding the complex interactions between Earth's systems. We explore everything from liquid metal in the Earth's core to moving continents on the Earth surface. We study the composition of the deep Earth and the rapidly changing composition of the Earth's atmosphere.**Science of natural disasters**We can use geophysics to monitor the processes that result in catastrophic events. For example, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions.**Big science and big data**We use a process called remote sensing to gather vast amounts of data. We often obtain this data through satellites, aircraft and drones. We can collect data from the edges of space to the very centre of the Earth to understand, model and predict how the Earth behaves.**Computer science**Using coding and building computer models helps us understand complex data and predict how the Earth will behave in the future.**Environmental science**We are seeking ways to provide renewable sources of energy. Plus, finding the materials and technologies that enable them. Geophysics is also about understanding the physics of environmental change. We can look for ways to mitigate the harmful impact of humans and repair damages of the past.**Climate science**Understanding how the atmosphere and oceans interact also allows us to predict the impact of human activities on the rapidly changing climate. We can benchmark our progress towards a net-zero future.**Multiscale science**Our understanding can range from how atoms behave under immense pressures and temperatures deep within the Earth, to examining interactions between planetary bodies in our solar system and beyond.**Bringing it all together**It is the interdisciplinarity and interconnected nature of geophysics that defines much of what we do. It is also why geophysics plays such an essential role in creating a more sustainable and equitable future for us all.Making a difference starts here. Are you ready?**What will I learn?**Our degree offers you the best of both subjects.Many people confuse geology and geophysics, as both study the Earth and how it works. For example, they both explore the mechanisms behind plate tectonics.However:* Geologists focus on the materialistic surface of the Earth and its evolution.* Geophysicists are mainly concerned about the Earth's physical processes, including its internal composition and atmosphere.As a student in geophysics and geology, you will learn about:* the microscopic properties of minerals* the structure and composition of the Earth* how large scale forces such as gravity, seismology and magnetism shape the Earth* our Earth's past to forecast and safeguard its future* the impact of global climate change on our worldBy studying this degree, you will learn from our wide range of experienced academics across a diverse range of Earth science disciplines.We embrace a hands on approach to learning, so you can develop in-demand practical skills. **Open to a world of possibilities**We are one of the largest and most successful groupings of geographers, Earth and environmental scientists in the UK.* We have pioneered research proving human-caused greenhouse gasses are warming our planet, which helped underpin the 2015 Paris Agreement. * We are working with major space agencies to monitor the environment using satellite data. * We are 15th in the world in the QS World University Rankings 2023. Join us as our planet and humanity face some of the biggest challenges we have

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School of GeoSciences

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Сентябрь 2024


Central area campus

George Square,


Edinburgh, City Of,

EH8 9JZ, Scotland

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Required subjects: A Levels: English Literature, English Language or combined English at B, and a language other than English at B. GCSEs: French at B or 6 (if not at A Level). English Language and English Literature GCSE, both at A or 7, are accepted in place of A Level English.

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