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Law and Sociology BA (Hons)


Что я буду изучать?

If you are passionate about being at the centre of societal change, then a BA (Hons) Law and Sociology degree is the best way to gain the core knowledge of law, justice and social policy needed to kickstart your career.This joint programme prepares you for a wide variety of careers in sectors such as court systems, welfare and immigration, housing, government and non-government agencies, community support, police and other related law enforcement agencies.**Why study this subject?**Law and society go hand in hand, with each one directly affecting the other. Having the opportunity to study both subjects at undergraduate level allows you to jump straight into exploring how the changing landscape of society and the actions of groups are impacting how legislation, regulation and law are being interpreted and rewritten.Legal knowledge and awareness are at the heart of decision-making for many services and organisations operating within our society, and we want to ensure that you develop the essential skills needed to give you a solid foundation to begin a legal related career in the social sector. You will study policy and society alongside English legal systems so you can be confident that you are developing the wide breadth of knowledge to make a mark in the postgraduate workplace. **Why study at Buckinghamshire New University?**Having the opportunity to study sociology alongside law will give you the unique opportunity to see how the emergence of social science, society’s evolving attitudes and the progression of law have adapted to reflect modern views. Our combined degree will help you to challenge your understanding of the nature of social and economic change from a socio-legal perspective.If you are passionate about a career in the socio-legal sector, our programme is an ideal way to gain a solid comprehension of law in a broader sociological context, whilst also gaining an understanding of the nature of social and economic environments, and application of the law in social contexts.We have knowledgeable lecturers who draw upon their vast industry experience to ensure the course is relevant and will help you build up your legal knowledge and practical application awareness. You will be able to develop a wide range of skills, such as abstract thinking and practical problem-solving, which are relevant to a wide range of related careers.We are dedicated to helping you put your learning into practise. You will have plenty of chances to visit magistrates’ courts to participate in bail applications and Parliament to see first-hand how these institutions operate, meet guest speakers from the legal industry and hear from our alumni about life beyond university in the workplace at networking events.**What will I study?**In your first year you will focus on learning the base concepts, theories and models of sociology and law to enable you to begin to develop an understanding of how to two interconnects.During your second year, you will begin to specialise in specific areas of law that interest you. You will learn to apply, analyse and evaluate the principles and theories you have learned and be able to reference and apply them to contemporary situations.In your final year, you will focus on preparing yourself for your future and career after graduation. You will also undertake a dissertation to illustrate how you have developed a depth of understanding through a combination of critical analysis and evaluation.**What are my career prospects?**This course will help prepare you for a range of careers. Occupations and sectors, where a knowledge of law and regulation, combined with social studies, is required or desired, include:- commercial businesses- charities- government- nongovernment agencies- welfare- healthcare- community support organ

На каком факультете я буду учиться?

School of Business and Law

Варианты обучения

Очная (3 лет)

£15,000.00 (1,116,071 руб) за 1 год
Это фиксированная стоимость
Начало обучения

18 Сентябрь 2023


Buckinghamshire New University

Queen Alexandra Road,

High Wycombe,


HP11 2JZ, England

Вступительные требования

Для студентов, проживающих в Соединенных Штатах

Students need to have ACT with a score of approximately 24 are considered.

Требования к IELTS могут отличаться в зависимости от выбранного курса


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