Management, Politics and International Relations (Industry) BSc (Hons)



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BSc Management, Politics and International Relations takes a person-centred approach to management thinking and practice. It then places that study firmly in the context of Politics and International Relations. Every organisation needs people who think about and understand how the world works. This degree will help you be one of them.**Programme overview**Strategic business decisions, from the smallest, to the largest, depend on global politics, the politics of states and the politics of regions. The interrelationships between business, the economy, and political decision-making cannot be undone; business does not happen in isolation to the environment in which it exists.This four-year interdisciplinary non-quantitative degree is unique to the UK. Our expertise in work and technology, marketing, entrepreneurship and organisations are all represented through this degree. We step away from idealised business models, instead offering you the chance to dive deeper into politics, international relations and the management of institutions regionally and globally.Brexit and the political response to the global pandemic are just two examples of the interdependencies between business and politics. Both events raise questions about the role of the state and the role of business in our economies and societies. The answers to these complex questions will come from those who understand the world well enough to lead, from those who are not fazed by the complexities of information and rules by which businesses have to operate.People with this background, with this understanding of the world, are well-rounded, more responsible leaders, better able to navigate complexities and succeed in business and management.**Key facts**After a solid grounding in all areas of management, politics and international relations, you will apply to join, in the third year, an organisation in the UK or overseas for a one-year placement, helping you to apply your knowledge to real-world situations. Previous students have worked with companies such as Hyundai, Deloitte and Sony, and the Civil Service in roles across business development, marketing, recruitment, PR and management. If you are unsuccessful in securing a suitable placement for your third year, you are able to transfer to the equivalent non-placement degree scheme, finishing your degree after your third year.**Programme outcomes**As a graduate of this degree, you will be better able to decipher the macro environment and its impact on business, in order to be a leader in your chosen career.

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Lancaster Leadership Centre

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Очная (4 лет)

£22,315.00 (2,630,865 руб) за 1 год
The fee mentioned is for 2023-24 academic year and there may be a slight increase in the fee for 2024-25 academic year.

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Октябрь 2024


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LA1 4YW, England

Вступительные требования

Для студентов, проживающих в Соединенных Штатах

A level German, or if this is to be studied from beginners? level, AS grade B or A level grade B in another foreign language, or GCSE grade A or 7 in a foreign language. Native German speakers will not be accepted onto this scheme.

Требования к IELTS могут отличаться в зависимости от выбранного курса


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Lancaster University занимает высокие позиции в британских и международных рейтингах и обучает студентов из более чем 120 стран.

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