Media & Film Studies BA (Hons)


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**What makes Media & Film Studies BA (Hons) at Worcester Special?**Here at Worcester we are passionate about media futures: exactly how have media and film industries and applications been affected by new and emerging technologies? How does culture affect peoples’ understanding and engagement with the media or film? What will the media or film industry look like in the next 5-10 years?You will investigate the very latest industry advances, questioning their function and impact, informed by our research-inspired lectures, seminars and workshops. You will explore representation and ideology through a variety of media forms and film genres, including streaming platforms, mixed reality, queer and horror. You will learn to articulate how and why these forms and genres affect their users and audiences through the analysis of case study examples which you can choose. Do you see yourself represented in the media or film industry?Media and film technologies have the potential to shape the world and you will develop an appreciation of the role you can play in that change. At Worcester we introduce you to a variety of well-established and emerging fields and industries, including social media politics and marketing, and immersive media applications so that you can begin to plan your future.**Key Features**- Dynamic curriculum informed by the very latest research innovations on the media and film industries and associated contemporary cultural issues. Our lecturing team frequently publish their research and your learning is informed by this expertise.- Interactive, investigative learning environments where critical understanding is developed through debate, creative problem solving and evaluating your own opinions, experiences and identity.- We create a safe space for students to share and analyse their own diverse cultural experiences and backgrounds; our course community is very important to us.- You will be introduced to leading innovators in the media, technology and creative industries. Our regional and national professional contacts include: digital marketing agencies, public relations agencies; immersive media agencies; A & R music representatives working with NFTs; local political party offices; award-winning content creatives; galleries and museums; festival and event organisers; charities and youth work.- We extend learning beyond the classroom and provide opportunities to learn whilst at a 4DX cinema screening, a festival or at a mixed reality gaming arcade, for example. We also host events with guest speakers and develop our course culture through our trips and socials.- We have relationships with international academics in the field from America, Poland and Sweden. We work collaboratively with these academics on research, curriculum innovations and student experiences.**Learn more about the course at our Open Days**Visiting us is the best way to get a feel for student life at the University of Worcester. You'll find out more about the course and have the opportunity speak to staff, students and recent graduates about what it’s really like to study at Worcester. Book your place at**Why the University of Worcester?**The University of Worcester is a close-knit and high-achieving community where students are supported to succeed at every level. The University is a truly inclusive place where every person counts as an individual. From designing imaginative facilities to providing practical support and tailored learning, we strive to help people of all backgrounds and abilities to achieve their own rich potential. We work hard to break down barriers and provide opportunities for all.

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School of Humanities

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Сентябрь 2024


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Вступительные требования

Для студентов, проживающих в Соединенных Штатах

Students should have US High School Diploma with an overall GPA of 2.6 plus one of the following: SAT I with a minimum of 1650 (550+ in each element) or SAT after March 2016, with each compulsory SAT or session of 600+ or ACT Composite Score of 22 or above and one of the following: 2 AP Subjects with a score of 3+ or 3 SAT Subject Tests with a minimum score of 550 in each subject or 2 SAT Subject Tests after March 2016 with a minimum score of 570 in each subject or a combination of AP Subjects and SAT Subjects.

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