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Music Production for Film, TV and Games CertHE


Что я буду изучать?

If you’re keen to compose and produce music for the thriving television, film and games industries, this specialist hands-on one-year course will provide you with a thorough overview. Whether you have a particular passion for games, TV or film – or all three – you’ll discover a variety of production and audio composition opportunities on this one-year CertHE programme. With a focus on real-world briefs and weekly tasks drawn directly from industry, you’ll gain the necessary creative and technical skills to develop engaging music and sound of professional quality. Working with the very best music technology and software, this progressive course will teach you key production techniques such as programming, sampling, synthesis and using plugins. Covering the foundations of both production and theory, the course takes you through composition, arrangement and musical language. You’ll put what you learn into practice, confidently exercising your creativity across composition design for a variety of media, such as TV series and documentaries, TV commercials, games, film trailers and more. The course provides an impressive overview of the music and wider creative industries, exposing you to the realities of revenue streams, networking, rights, royalties, distribution and entrepreneurship, among many other key topics – all from the point of view of the composer–producer. On campus at ICMP, you’ll study in our cutting-edge Mac labs and teaching spaces, all of which are fitted out with the highest quality production kit. Professional-standard instruments, controllers, effects units, vocal processors, loop stations, PAs and microphones are all at your disposal. You won’t be limited to using our equipment during class time either – you can book all ICMP’s facilities free of charge, seven days a week for use outside of timetabled hours. Collaboration with music production students and those from other ICMP programmes is highly encouraged, too. You’ll further solidify your learning with regular ICMP events, such as guest lectures, gigs, masterclasses, careers days, songwriting circles and industry conferences. Upon completion of the CertHE Music Production for Film, TV and Games, you’ll have developed a professional standard of technical expertise in production and composing – enough to begin a career as a sound designer, composer or producer. If you decide to progress further study, the CertHE offers direct pathways to ICMP’s bachelor’s degrees in music production for film, TV and games, creative musicianship, creative music production or audio engineering and production.

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Варианты обучения

Очная (1 год)

£14,750.00 (1,097,470 руб) за 1 год
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Начало обучения

Сентябрь 2023


Main Site

1B Dyne Road,



NW6 7XG, England

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