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Что я буду изучать?

Can you stay clear-headed under pressure? Do you want a job where every day is different? Do you want to help others in their most vulnerable moments?Our BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science programme can lead you towards a fulfilling and meaningful role. With this course you’ll learn the skills and knowledge you need to become a frontline healthcare professional, making a difference for patients who require urgent emergency care.Throughout your time on the course you will be supported by experienced tutors and lecturers. You’ll also have the opportunity to complete placements in supervised urgent and emergency care settings.**Why study this subject?**Paramedic practice continues to develop, with significant changes seen in recent years leading to paramedics working in a range of clinical settings; providing evidence-based care to patients within our communities.Studying for a Paramedic Science degree with us will give you the knowledge, skills and competencies to be an effective paramedic in a time when the demand in this profession has never been higher.The demand for paramedics has never been higher for the UK Ambulance Services which is why it’s such an important time to consider this challenging yet fulfilling career. **Why study at Buckinghamshire New University?**The learning you’ll receive at BNU is special because we combine academic theory, simulated patient care and practice-based experience to make sure you’re fully prepared to step into this incredibly important sector.We work with clinical partners like the South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust and London Ambulance Service NHS Trust to offer you unique learning experiences that will develop your confidence and show you what being a paramedic is really like.What’s more, because we give our students the opportunity to delve into the practical world of healthcare, you’ll understand exactly how to provide the best support for a broad range of illnesses and injuries in urgent, emergency and unscheduled care settings.Throughout the course you’ll be supported by our dedicated and specialist staff who will help you to develop and apply diagnostic skills and evidence-based interventions in a range of healthcare situations.You’ll develop a solid knowledge and understanding of the core concepts underpinning urgent and emergency healthcare which means you'll be confident to practice as a registered paramedic by the time you graduate.You’ll complete a placement in a supervised urgent and emergency care setting each year in which time you’ll be provided with a practice educator and link lecturer to make sure you’re well supported at all times. Placements are an excellent way to network, learn from industry professionals and find out first-hand what the job of a paramedic is really like.As a student on our BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science programme, you'll have access to our incredible state-of-the-art simulation labs at both the High Wycombe and Uxbridge campuses.Simulation is an important aspect of our nursing and healthcare programmes. Students regularly spend time in these areas to practice technical skills and use the newest technologies in a safe and supportive environment. We use simulation manikins programmed to act like humans, and ‘moulage’ – the process of applying mock, often gorily realistic injuries for training purposes. We also engage service users in role-play sessions.Many of our graduates go on to work with an ambulance service in the public or private sector but there are also increasing opportunities to work elsewhere in health and social care.A training grant of £5000 per year is available for eligible students. You can find out more through the NHS Business Services Authority.

На каком факультете я буду учиться?

School of Health Care and Social Work

Варианты обучения

Очная (3 лет)

£13,750.00 (902,823 руб) за 1 год
Это примерная стоимость
Начало обучения

Предполагаемое начало: Январь 2023


Uxbridge Campus

106 Oxford Road,



UB8 1NA, England

Очная (3 лет)

£14,250.00 (935,653 руб) за 1 год
Это фиксированная стоимость
Начало обучения

19 Сентябрь 2022


Buckinghamshire New University

Queen Alexandra Road,

High Wycombe,


HP11 2JZ, England

Вступительные требования

Для студентов, проживающих в Соединенных Штатах

Students require successful completion of a High School Diploma with GPA above 2.8, plus one of the following: SAT with a minimum of 1100 overall, and a minimum of 550 from Evidence Based Reading and Writing, and Mathematics; Minimum of 3 APs with grades above 3. International students with IELTS 6.0 (5.5) or below will have to undertake an enhanced curriculum in addition to the advertised programme.

Требования к IELTS могут отличаться в зависимости от выбранного курса


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