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Что я буду изучать?

This degree offers you the chance to strengthen your skills, knowledge and confidence before you advance to stage one of your honours degree.

Course description

Benefit from high-quality teaching, excellent support and specialist facilities as you explore the fascinating discipline of Psychology.

  • Take a route which is ideal if you are looking to change career or exploring areas which are new to you: the foundation year gives you a strong platform for success. It is also a great route into the degree if you don't meet the requirements for the 3-year course.
  • Learn from lecturers at the forefront of psychological research – you’ll have opportunities to contribute to their projects and to conduct your own research
  • Use specialist facilities, including our psychological observation suite and eye tracker equipment, EEG for recording brain activity, and a Babylab for ethical research with babies and young children
  • Take the opportunity to go on an optional work placement and add substance to your CV
  • Psychological studies can help shape healthier societies across the world. Our course content links to global initiatives including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals where 'Good Health and Wellbeing' is prioritised
  • Gain the undergraduate qualification you need to enter postgraduate training to become a professional psychologist

How you will learn

We use various teaching methods to make sure that this course is interesting and that you'll learn in an effective way. We don't just teach you in lectures and seminars, you'll also take part in group activities and practical work. You'll also benefit from guest lectures from world-class researchers from around the world.


The pleasure in teaching psychology students is that they tend to be highly motivated and open to exploring ideas. A vital part of our role is to help them chart their future career direction as studying psychology opens so many doors to so many different sectors and professions – anywhere that an understanding of people is valued.

Psychological knowledge is invaluable in many walks of life, so your career options will be broad. Our graduates have gone on to successful roles in sectors such as:

  • Psychological research
  • Scientific or clinical research
  • Charity leadership
  • Mental health support and management
  • Health services and therapeutic care
  • Probation service and police
  • Human resources
  • Health psychology
  • Educational psychology
  • Occupational psychology
  • Forensic psychology
  • Clinical psychology
  • Teaching

На каком факультете я буду учиться?

Life Sciences

Варианты обучения

Очная (4 лет)

£14,045.00 (922,193 руб) за 1 год
Это фиксированная стоимость

*Это примерная цена, проверьте ее в вузе

Начало обучения

Сентябрь 2023


Main Site

Kedleston Road,


DE22 1GB, England

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O University of Derby

Дерби – инклюзивный и интернациональный университет. Он дает превосходное образование, которое готовит к будущему, преобразует жизни студентов.

  • 1-й современный университет в рейтинге интернациональных вузов
  • топ-10 рейтинга “оценка иностранных студентов” (2018 г.)
  • 11-й в британском рейтинге последипломного образования (2021)
  • топ-800 глобального университетского рейтинга Times (2022)

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