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Avondale Ministerial Training and Scholarship Fund

New South Wales, Australia

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Fee waiver/discount




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Avondale University College

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This scholarship is worth up to 50% of the total tuition fee in a full year.



All International


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All types of delivery mode

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All eligible students

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Full time

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All intakes

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This fund offers a scholarship to ministry and theology students in the final two years of their Bachelor of Ministry and Theology degree (BMinTh) or for the final year of those in the Graduate Diploma of Ministry and Theology (GradDipMinTh). Download the application to see if you meet the criteria.


Continuance of the Scholarship is contingent upon passing all units. The Scholarship will be suspended for the semester following the failure of any unit, and then may be reinstated following the next semester in which all units are passed, where relevant.

The funds will be applied to the recipient's Avondale University College (Avondale) General Fees and/or Tuition Fees account each semester and cannot be redeemed for cash, in part or in whole. The exception to this is that on graduation, if the recipient’s account is in credit after all charges to the account have been met, the balance may then be taken in cash (with likely taxation implications). 

If payment of the full Scholarship would place a student's account in credit for any one year, the excess funds may be applied to that student's account for the following year.

The award of a Scholarship does not guarantee an offer of paid employment in field ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church upon graduation.

Основы отбора

Students are shortlisted based on their

Как подать заявку

Детали подачи заявки (от провайдера стипендии)

Applicants are required to complete the Application Form, along with a statement of their Ministry Philosophy, and submit it to Avondale Seminary.

The Head of Seminary shall be responsible for the initial screening of applications and will make recommendations to the Secretary of the Avondale Ministerial Training and Scholarship Fund. The Head of Seminary, or his/her nominee, will then inform those who have been selected for an interview, via their Avondale student email, in the week before interviews are scheduled.

The applicants must be currently enrolled in one of the ministerial training pre-service courses approved for this Scholarship and would be expected to have successfully completed the first half (by credit points) of the course prior to being awarded the Scholarship.

As part of the application procedure, the applicants will sign an agreement committing to full-time work in a paid pastoral capacity for at least one year within the South Pacific Division territory of the Seventhday Adventist Church (should such employment be offered), for each year or part thereof that assistance has been received, in order to amortize the Scholarship funding provided.

The applicants will, as part of the application process, provide an undertaking that acceptance of the Scholarship implies a willingness to live in harmony with the beliefs/lifestyle expected of a Seventh-day Adventist minister.

Scholarship Applications close September 28

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